The Analytical Platform of the Faculty of Pharmacy develops tools and methods for identifying and quantifying molecules of interest in therapeutics or biomarkers. These methods are part of the proteomic, glycomic, metabolomic, or lipidomic applications. It has its own research projects and contracts and supports the research of other ULB and industrial laboratories.

Research thematic in our Platform:

  • Metabolomics: characterization of metabolites (small molecules) in complex samples (biological samples (blood …), plants …) with identification helped by molecular networks ;
  • Glycomics: Characterization of N-glycans in therapeutic and non-therapeutic proteins (in collaboration with the University of Lille 1, BOKU University in Vienna and NIBRT);
  • Identification of products resulting from organic synthesis in medicinal chemistry (e.g. analysis of myeloperoxidase inhibitors (MPO)) ;
  • Characterizing and assaying post-translational oxidative modifications on (apolipo) proteins in the context of cardiovascular diseases. This allows to characterize the role of DFO in atherogenesis ;
  • Lipidomics: identification and quantification of lipids
  • Development of assay methods for the needs of basic research and especially the determination of phosphorylated nucleotides in biological fluids.

Research developed in close collaboration with the departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy (ULB):

  • LC-QTOF highlighting of natural products with therapeutic potential (in collaboration with professors C. Stévigny and F. Meyer);
  • Identification by LC-QTOF of the oxidation products generated in vitro by electrochemical methods and characterization of the peroxidase-anti-HER2 « nanobodies » coupling by LC-QTOF (in collaboration with Prof. J.-M. Kauffmann);
  • Role of molecules of natural origin in anti-cancer treatment (in collaboration with Professor V. Mathieu);
  • Characterization of synthetic products as intercalating agents of DNA (collaboration with Professor F. Dufrasne);
  • Characterization of the degree of polymerization of folate-dextran copolymer modified with polyethylene glycol (collaboration with Professor K. Amighi).

Research in close collaboration with the services of other Faculties:

  • LC-QqQ assay of cortisol and methylprednisolone in internal medicine patients (collaboration with Professor E. Cogan of the Faculty of Medicine (ULB));
  • Characterization and determination by LC-QTOF of membrane phospholipids or in complex with proteins (in collaboration with Dr. C. Govaerts and Professor J.-M. Ruysschaert of the Faculty of Sciences (ULB));
  • Characterization by LC-QTOF of degradation products of bisphenol A by laccase (in collaboration with Professor F. Debaste of the Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles (ULB));
  • Separation and isolation by LC-UV of conformers resulting from chemical synthesis (in collaboration with Professor I. Jabin of the Faculty of Sciences (ULB));
  • Characterization of anti-tubulogenesis properties of mox-LDLs (in collaboration with Dr. L. Vanhamme of the Faculty of Sciences (ULB));
  • Demonstration of the presence of MPO in prostate epithelial cells (in collaboration with Dr. T. Roumeguère of the Urology Department of Erasmus Hospital ;
  • Close collaboration with Professor K. Zouaoui Boudjeltia of the Experimental Medicine Laboratory of CHU Charleroi, Faculty of Medicine (ULB).

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