Machine: DSC-Modulated Q2000 TA Instrument/TGA Q5000 TA Instrument
Unit: Pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics
  • DSC-Modulated Q2000 TA Instrument

Observation of endothermes and exothermes (fusion, cristallisation, evaporation, dissolution, degradation)

Phase-transition temperatures (amorphe, cristalized, lipids)

Assessment of the drugs/excipients compatibility or interaction

Protein degradation and denaturation assessment – Amorphous structure: determination of the glass transition, detection of amorphous material in semi-crystalline compound. – Crystallinity: Melting and crystallisation, Purity, Polymorphs

  • TGA Q5000 TA Instrument

Quantification of residual solvants

Assessment of degradation and loss of volatil residues